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Tamil Keyboard. This is Tamil Typing Keyboard, English to Tamil Converter, English to Tamil Typing Keyboard and English to Tamil Keyboard. Type Tamil and English to Tamil.

Tamil Typing – Tamil = தமிழ், Amma = அம்மா

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Tamil Translator = Example: Welcome = நல்வரவு

ஆங்கில சொல்லுக்கு இணையான தமிழ் சொல்  ஆங்கில சொல்லினை தட்டச்சு செய்து விட்டு Translate பொத்தானை அழுத்தவும்

The Tamil Typing online is an English to Tamil conversion tool. Type your Tamil words in English and hit/tap space button. This tool automatically converts into Tamil script.

This Tamil Typing Online allows you to effortlessly type Tamil script online without installing Tamil keyboard. Also, you can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Tamil letters with this online tool.

For mobile and tablets, trace and grasp inside the text range to copy the script. And you can paste the text in any social networking app such as Facebook, Twitter, email, or search app. Tamil keyboard design will toggle the mouse input between cybernetic QWERTY keyboard and virtual Tamil keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input translation. Pressing Esc or escape key on your keyboard has the same function.

Tool Advantages:

  • Start typing immediately. no need to install.
  • Easy to WhatsApp share & copy text to other apps
  • Light weight web. can browse fastly
  • free of charge
  • No keyboard configuration. Technical knowledge is not required
  • Simply type Tamil words in English and press space button

After typing your message, press tab “WhatsApp” button and Share your message to your friends or copy and paste your message at your favourite Apps like… WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Allo, Twitter, GMail, SMS etc.,

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