What is keyboard?

A keyboard is an exterior device that allows a user to input text into a PC or any other automated equipment. Also it is an input device and is the best basic way for the user to interconnect with a computer. Moreover, this equipment is pattern after its prototype, the typewriter. The keyboard innate its design from the typewriter. Although the keys or letters are organize to function as electronic buttons. The keys contain punctuation, alphanumeric and unique keys like the Windows key and various multimedia keys. Those are having exact functions to do in the system.

Types of keyboard layouts

QWERTY: This arrangement is the utmost commonly in usage. And the first six keys that seem on the top row is the name of the layout. This layout is commonly man-made today since of its popularity. It is so usual through the sphere. Even in countries that do not use the Latin-based alphabet.

AZERTY: This design developed in France as another difference to the QWERTY layout and is considered the standard French keypad.

DVORAK: This design created to decrease finger drive when keying and give faster typing speeds than QWERTY or AZERTY.

The virtual keyboard

A virtual keyboard is a PC keypad that a user controls by keying on or within a wireless or  optical detectable exterior or space rather than by pressing physical keys. Such a system can allow the user of a minor handheld device, such as a mobile phone or a PDA (personal digital assistant) to have full keypad capability.

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