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Tamil Keyboard. This is Tamil Typing Keyboard, English to Tamil Converter, English to Tamil Typing Keyboard and English to Tamil Keyboard. Type Tamil and English to Tamil.

Tamil Typing – Tamil = தமிழ், Amma = அம்மா

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Tamil Translator = Example: Welcome = நல்வரவு

ஆங்கில சொல்லுக்கு இணையான தமிழ் சொல்  ஆங்கில சொல்லினை தட்டச்சு செய்து விட்டு Translate பொத்தானை அழுத்தவும்

The English to Tamil Interpretation Tool offers English to Tamil conversion service. Just type the texts you want converted and then click the”Convert” button.  Then the English to Tamil translates your English word, catchphrase or sentence into Tamil. Additionally, we provide Tamil dictionary, Tamil Idioms and Tamil word suggestions.

First of all, the conversion simply takes few seconds and permits up to 500 characters to be translated in one call. Though this conversion is not 100% precise, with little modification it can be accurate up to 100%. This conversion tool is developing every day and our developers are functioning on it to create Tamil conversion more smart and accurate. Expectantly, one day they could create very accurate conversion.

What is Tamil?

Tamil is broadly spoken language. Moreover, nearly 70 million publics round the world speak this language. For the people who cannot speak Tamil Language or cannot able to type Tamil, interpreting English to Tamil may fairly problematic.  So, there are some websites, provide services to interpret Tamil for some cost. Despite the fact it is decent idea to remuneration for interpreting professional service. But here is no point giving fees for generally using greeting messages and for other informal use like social network sharing and etc. On behalf of this tenacity, English to Tamil tool can be used.

You just copy the interpreted writing and then share them whichever on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or email it to your friends or family.

Furthermore, our tool provides some additional features, those are as follows;

Firstly, we offer simple and vast coverage Tamil “akarathy”, which means dictionary, provides all the meaning of Tamil words in English.

Secondly, we cover Tamil “pala mozhikal” means idioms, can use on social sharing writings.

Lastly, the tool offers Greetings in Tamil language. So, you can use it instantly on writings.

Main Features of the tool:

Great Accurateness Rate

Immediate Online Conversion

Able to convert 500 characters in one request.

This translation tool is free of any cost.

very pleasant and cool interface.

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